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Ebola's Orphans

By the time the ambulance arrived at the clinic in Liberia's capital city on September 15, her mother had slipped into silence, then death. Berlinda, dressed in a pink plaid shirt and ruffled shorts, emerged from the ambulance wide eyed and scared. There was no one there to receive her, just a phalanx of faceless health care workers covered head-to-toe in white biohazard suits. She too was a potential Ebola patient, so no one could risk picking her up for a comforting hug. Instead she was escorted into the center, given a bed and left for observation. A day later her Ebola test came out negative, but there was no one to celebrate, no one to take her home. Her father unknown and her mother dead; she had nowhere to go.

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More Than Me is on the ground in Liberia helping children like Berlinda survive first Ebola and then abandonment as well as working with communities to fight Ebola, but they need your help to save even more children. As you can see from the brochure's linked below they have taken on a leading role. By donating you are helping to improve the life of young children who are at home by themselves or who are taking care of siblings even younger than themselves without any kind of help. If you are a BPC student you will also be able to donate cash at school. More info will be given at an upcomimg Town Hall.


You can find their website at Below are some handouts about More Than Me and the joint Ebola Campaign.